Sunday, 8 April 2012

Yes, I'm still alive. No, I'm not zombie Jesus...

Been a while eh?  I blame that Dunc fellow for jinxing me...

Well, it's been an eventful start to the year, though sadly, not on the gaming front.  The festive period is always a bit mental in retail, right through to Easter, so I've been pretty busy at work, and to top it off, Mrs. G fell down the stairs and dislocated/broke her coccyx...  Fast forward about 5 weeks, to the night before she was due back at work, and she walked into a radiator and dislocated/broke her toe.


On the hobby front, I've assembled a couple of boxes of PSC's Panzer VI H's.  I'm taking the time to make them all unique with battle damage and stowage.  I'll do a more detailed explanation when I get some pictures up.

My homebrew rules that I was working on have, over the rearranging of everything that is Christmas, gone AWOL.  Luckily I have some bits typed up, but I am missing a lot of the scribbled notes, which is a bit of a bummer.

I have picked up the Demonworld rules and Army Books, and have a chunk of Isthak models to be getting on with.  Part of me wants to base them up as a Demonworld force, although, I imagine opponents would be few and far between (always an excuse to do a 2nd army...) and part of me thinks I should base them up for my homebrew rules.  Still undecided.

Oh, and I ordered some of the new Copplestone Barbarian Archers, and the resin terrain pieces.

I think what really prompted me to post though, and this is probably brought on by a real sense of unfulfilment at work, is a recurring dream of boxed sets of 15mm plastic fantasy figures.

Yeah, start small eh?  I know it is unlikely to ever be realised (by me anyway) barring any sort of lottery win or unbeknown relation suddenly shuffling of the mortal coil, but it keeps coming back to me.

Obviously, there are numerous questions to be asked, like, why has nobody done it before, or, if they have, how come I can't find any mention of it?  Is there even a market for it?  And all sorts of technical issues to be dealt with, like, how much does a sprue mould (mold?) cost exactly?  Going rates for sculptors, 3 ups, undercuts, marketing etc etc.

Still, we live in hope.


  1. Yes, it is all my fault. Well, according to my wife, everything is my fault. Always.

    As for plastic fantasy 15mm - funny you should say that. I was talking to a friend of mine who runs one of the mini firms who has a plastic range recently. He's planning on plastic 15mm fantasy and historicals - I pronounced it a silly idea because 15mm metals are so cheap/light/available in huge numbers.

  2. As the sole producer of testosterone in a household of 5, I completely understand the 'You are to blame. Always' mentality.

    I will however have my revenge in about 10 years when they get a public toilet style tampon dispenser as a joint Christmas gift...

    As for plastic 15mm fantasy, yes, metals are relatively cheap, but when you look at what PSC can put out for WWII, about 150 infantry for under £20, it blows the cheapness/amount available in metal out of the water. Just imagine a sprue with say, 30-40 Orcs, for example, mainly one piece models, but with say a couple of different heads/banners/instruments for the command group. Possibly too much for the average skirmish player, but it would make realising some pretty epic battles a real possibility. It is definitely something I'd like to explore further. Your comment has just intrigued me a whole bunch though.

  3. Hey Dunc,

    your friend wouldn't happen to be called Will now, would he?