Sunday, 30 October 2011

And just to make things harder...

Ral Partha Europe has just sneaked up some Dwarf sculpts for Demonworld.

I swear that they are doing this intentionally, and just hope my resolve (and credit card) can hold out until late November when the Thain are supposed to be released.

Even more lycanthropic goodness makes me a happy Werewolf.

Spoilt for choice...

Right, well, the whole obsessive compulsion to amass huge quantities of pretty much everything is taking over.  I spend far too long looking at websites drooling over some cracking 15mm figures, and probably just as long researching more suppliers.

Ral Partha Europe has recently started reproducing the Demonworld line, which are gorgeous, and, on signing up to the site I noticed there was 10% off your first order.  I was so tempted to drop a bunch of money on a load of stuff, especially the Beastmen, but, I'm holding off to make a really big order.  I may have to speak nicely to a mate to sign up too and do a little sample order...

In my quest for 15mm goodness I found this site which has proven invaluable, if not costly to my endeavours.  So today, I cracked and put in a couple of orders to both Magister Militum and Tin Soldier UK to sample a few different things, and see some of the stuff in the flesh.  One of the things I've found is that there seems to be a large amount of suppliers that don't have any images of the minis on their site, and I'm a bit hesitant of ordering blindly.

So, the Magister Militum order consisted mainly of Blood Dawn fantasy stuff, some of the armoured Orcs and a few demony type models, plus a couple of packs of Vikings, and the Tin Soldier order was for some Aztecs, an Orc Triceratops (go figure) and a Balrog, which will hopefully fit in with the demons.

I'm still waiting for a package I shipped out to reach David at Splintered Light Miniatures before he ships out my order (Orcs, Wolf Clan, lots of Undead) so, I reckon I have a good amount of stuff to be getting on with at the moment.  She has taken the terrible trio to a birthday party, so the good camera is awol, but I'll try and get a picture of the Barbarians up soonish, before I prime them.

Cave Imps

OK, so, I said there would be pictures to follow. I just didn't specifically say they would be of the Barbarians...

Between work, kids, painting and so on, I managed to knock out the Cave Imp army set I'd picked up from Splintered Light Miniatures over the course of 3 or 4 days, just doing a half hour or so at a time.  They are based up for Mighty Armies, but, I've put together about 6 pages or so of rough rules for my own 15mm scale game so far, and the basing will be 100% compatible.

Of course, being that they are quite obviously Troll dolls (child of the 80's right...)I just had to paint them up with all sorts of wacky hair.  I spent a bit of time swithering between random colours on each base, before settling on the more unified colour based on rank/equipment.

First up, the Shaman stand. 

Then, both the Shaman and General

Followed by some Clubbers

The Spearmen (Spearimps?)

and finally, the Slingers.

I still have the lizard bases to finish off, mainly because I'm not decided yet on what marking I should do for them, so far they are the same colour as the Imps on the underside, with a light green back.  I'm thinking perhaps some kind of grey stripes or mottling.

In addition to finishing of the lizards, I reckon I'll add a bit more to the force.  I still have to pick up the Yeti's and Yeti Catapult, and I think I'll add some bases of Pike Imps using the long spear models, and add in some more lizards as a cavalry type unit, although, obviously without riders.

In other news, the Barbarians are pretty much ready to be primed, just a little more work on the giant Werewolf's shoulder, and the bases have all been textured to represent the frozen tundra of their homeland.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Well, the Copplestone Castings 15mm Barbarians, or Northlanders, are absolutely gorgeous miniatures. Really. They look just like shrunk down versions of Mark's 28mm work for Foundry.

I picked up a pack of Swordmen, Axemen and the Heroes and have formed them into the basis of my first 15mm Fantasy army.

I've mixed the sword and axemen together, and added in some of the 10mm Fantasy Giant Wolves (also from Copplestone) as they fit in really well. The Giant Wolves will be used as cavalry type units, as there are currently no Northlander Cavalry available, and I also plan to mix some in with my characters. I finished off the army with some Werewolves from Splintered Light Minis, and a 28mm Werewolf from Heresy miniatures, to count as a huge wolf type giant.

The models are all cleaned up and attatched to bases, with the exception of the werewolf, who needs some putty work on his shoulder, and a certain something for his base to help anchor him/provide balance.

Pics soon.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Where to start?

Well, only time will tell if my current fascination with 15mm minis will last, so I guess I'd best start by laying out what I currently have planned, by way of how I came to be here.

I've been involved in gaming now for just over 20 years, after being captivated as a young 'un by the television advert for Heroquest. That was the catalyst for what has turned into, what is best described by the other half as, an obsession.

Over the years I've played a variety of games, covering a variety of periods, in a variety of scales. Mostly it was 28mm stuff, but I was always partial to some Warmaster (10mm) and had a huge amount of Space Marine (6mm), or Epic Warhammer 40,000 as the youth of today will know it.

More recently, two things stand out as prompting my interest in smaller scale models, namely Mantic Games Kings of War rules, and picking up a copy of Battle Lore. The Kings of War rules, despite being intended for 28mm minis, deal with complete unit removal rather than individual casualties, like Warhammer, which made me consider dioramic unit bases, rather than individually based models, especially if I was only going to be using them under that system. The Mantic tagline advocates Big Battles, Big Armies, and I was quite taken by the irony that, the smaller the models, the bigger the army, in scale, rather than stature.

The second thing, Battle Lore, was probably due to the fact that it was a full stand alone game in a box, and I really enjoy how it plays. Of course, the modeller in me wanted to do a bit more, add some creative flair, so I started looking around at how to customise the set. I'll pin the blame on Boromir and Kermit, as reading his blog turned me over to Splintered Light Minis, and many hours were spent going over the online store. Of course, since then, I've done a lot of research into different 15mm manufacturers, and created a disgustingly large wishlist of minis I want to add to the collection.

Really, between the two, I came to the conclusion that, smaller models means I can get more of them onto the table (and therefore in the house) and I've even contemplated trying to write up my own d10 based multibased fantasy ruleset.

Currently, my plans consist of painting up the contents of the Battle Lore box, plus the expansions I already have, and picking up the remaining expansions. I also have a large Flames of War force (Hitlerjugend Panzer Kompanie) sitting in the boxes and blisters, so that will need some love, as well as a couple of Splintered Light Minis boxes (Gnomes and Cave Trolls) for Mighty Armies, and a bunch of Copplestone Castings Barbarians.

Those will be the subject of my next post.