Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Icelords of Isthak

Well, I guess I'd better catalogue my order for the Demonworld stuff eh?

I managed to snag a couple of blisters (including postage) of Empire Mammoth Hunters on ebay for less than the price of a unit, as I figured they might work with the Copplestone ones.

And then I went a bit mental and ordered a bunch of stuff -

Beastmen with Hand Weapons (40)
Beastmen with Spears (40)
Armoured Beastmen (32)
Beastmen Polar Bear Riders (8)
Ice Witch Furies (40)
Snow Barbarians (40)
Snow Cannon
Ice Witch Battlesled
Ice Witch Personalities (5)
Isthak Human Commanders (4)
Warlocks & Necromancers (6)
Zombies (40)
Demons (6)

oh, and some Thain Wolf Spirits for my Barbarian Shaman bases.

I do really want to play Demonworld, although, it seems to be mainly a German thing, and I even went as far as getting a bunch of bases cut by Martin at Warbases (support your local business, right?).  I dug out the Battlelore board, and the hex bases fit on it, but I might just stick them on 50x25mm bases, so that they work for Mighty Armies and my own rules, which are still unnacounted for...

I did get around to cleaning up the full unit of Spearmen and Armoured Beastmen, had them primed and inked, and then figured that I would base them in 3's rather than 4's.  Being that there are generally 3 sculpts per unit, it looks a bit better IMO.

I'm going to try and get a few bases done over the next couple of days, as a Mighty Armies force, probably based the same as my Barbarians.  I'm not sure that I'll use the Polar Bear Riders as is, I think there might be a few purchases made from the Thain range to outfit them with Giant Boars and Boar Chariots.

 Speaking of which, as I said earlier I've ordered a couple of packs of the Barbarian Archers, as well as the 3 terrain pieces from Copplestone, which should be here soon.  I'll probably pick up the Picts too at some point, but I'll wait for a few more packs to be released first.  Is it just me, or would they make fine 15mm Orcs?

 And these Wolven models from Rebel Minis are just screaming (howling?) out to be bought and added to the Barbarian horde.


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