Monday, 28 November 2011

There will be blood...

...but only a wee bit.

Finished up my two test Barbarians (CC) this morning after work, got them varnished and did some small scale blood effects.

First one, done over a black undercoat.

Second over a grey undercoat.

And the pair of them together for a better comparison.

There really isn't much in it, other than the colour of the rocks on the base, which I didn't bother painting after having done the snow.  They are so small that it isn't particularly noticeable anyway.  For the curious, the reasoning behind the yellow shields is to create a reference to the lycanthropic culture, and represents the full moon.  The blue loincloth, well, for some reason, I seem to use blue on a lot of my stuff, so, partly that, and partly to tie in with the snow bases and create a sense of coldness.  It should work well when combined with the Frost Wyrm and Frost Giant I plan on adding to the force.

Both of them are pretty much done as basecoat, Devlan Mud wash, highlight with basecoat.  The blonde one had some yellow mixed into the brown for the highlight on his hair, but that was it.

I'm really happy with how the bases turned out, I get a bit of a shiver just looking at them, although, that might just be sleep deprivation.

Now, I want to forge ahead with the rest of the army, but, a small part of me thinks I should wait until I get a hold of the command packs, and then tackle them one unit at a time, probably 6 bases worth.  I could always spend the time building up more of what I have, seeing as it takes a while to let the bases dry and so on.


  1. I like them both for 15mm your detail is brillant great work