Sunday, 27 November 2011


Well, being that my blog has now been deflowered by Dunc, I guess that means I can't be quite so lax in updating it, or putting up pictures as promised...

The shaved Barbarians turned up from Copplestone yesterday, so that is something else to get started on too.

So, here they are, after much promising, my Barbarian army, which has yet to get a cool name.

First up, 8 bases of Copplestone Casting's Northlanders, a mix of axe and sword models.  I think for Mighty Armies, I had planned to use them as Heavy Infantry with the Horde and Fearless skills.  For my own ruleset, they will be both a mainstay and horde unit, and make up the general line infantry for the Barbarian list.

Next up are some Copplestone Giant Wolves from the 10mm Fantasy line, but they scale in well, as you'll see further down.  Again, for Mighty Armies they will be standard Light Cavalry, and for my own rules, probably a support unit.  The reason there isn't eight bases, is because I used a couple of them to flank my General stand.

Some Splintered Light Minis Werewolves, count as Heavy Cavalry with the Horde and Relentless rules for Mighty Armies, and probably another mainstay unit for my own rules.  I might have to get someone else to write the Werewolf rules, or, personal preference will make them unstoppable.  Interesting fact - every order I've made from Splintered Light has had a pack of Werewolves in it.

The General stand - Copplestone 15mm Barbarian Character, plus a couple of individually based ones to use as testers.  Here you can see that the Wolves scale in pretty well, although, knowing that there are 15mm ones in the works, he might be relegated to a basic hero in my own ruleset.

Finally, the Behemoth.  A gargantuan Giant Werewolf, which is actually a 28mm scale werewolf model from Heresy.  He is a Monster for Mighty Armies, I think I had him down with Horde, Relentless and Fearless, but I'm not 100% on that.  For my own rules, I will have to fudge him in somewhere, or he can just count as a Frost Giant or something similar.

All the bases are from Renedra, and have broken cork (from an Ikea placemat) to represent rocks, this is covered with filler, which I think was actually meant to be for fixing a crack in the wall, but my need was greater, as it makes great snow.

And I need to see the stuff she ordered from RPE, so that I can work out how well it scales with what I already have.


  1. Got the makings of a decent force. I need to have a look at Mighty Armies I think.

    I'm amazed you're basing before painting in depth at this scale... coffee stirrers for me at this size; the failing eyesight/other half's obsession with 40w bulbs means it's the only way I can see what I'm doing.

  2. Cheers.

    I haven't started working out non- Mighty Armies points values yet, but I'm thinking I'm going to need about 20ish bases of Barbarians, and at least another 9 of the Werewolves for the finished army. The Mighty Armies pdf is only $10 from Rebel Minis, well worth a look, and there are free summary sheets and flyer rules up there too.

    The reason I based them already, is that, it means once they are primed, I can do all the snow first, I always try and do the bases first on any models I'm working on, as it is generally the messiest stage anyway. The thought of painting each model individually, then basing them up would put me off it, as it reminds me of many years ago when I started painting. I always tried to paint one model at a time, and never got anywhere, once I got into speed/batch painting, I broke that habit, and it has stood me in good stead ever since.

    Oh, and I'm lucky in that I have my own lair, complete with daylight bulbs in the ceiling and desk lamp.