Monday, 21 November 2011

Nothing to see here.

Well, still no pictures...  I'm going to try and get up the town on Wednesday to see about getting a custom backdrop printed out for my light-box, so, in the meantime I've been building up more stuff.  So far, I've added another 4 bases of Northlanders and 6 bases of Giant Wolves to my Copplestone Barbarian army, as well as two individually round based Hero models to use as test pieces for a paint scheme, and the General stand, Magician stand, and a base of Gnogres to my Splintered Light Gnomes.

In other news, the payday gaming splurge hasn't happened yet...  Although it is getting hard to resist.  Ral Partha have just added more codes to the Demonworld line, the most interesting (to me at least) being the Beastmen with Great Weapons.  Resolve slowly crumbling.  If only the Thain wolf spirit head type things and Isthak Giant Beastmen were out, they'd be ordered already.  Still waiting on the Splintered Light order showing up, so it's kinda pointless ordering anything else from them until I know what I've got, and, by way of the Mighty Armies forum, I was drawn into looking at Rebel Minis, and quite like the Scourge models from their 15mm Sci-Fi line.  And the Martian Walker...

And RPE have just released a bunch of new Elves as well.  Good stuff, keep busy boys, and get those Wolves out soon.

Willpower.  Fading.  Fast.

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