Thursday, 24 November 2011

Incoming Part II.

Well, the one highlight of spending almost the entire day yesterday awake, was that my Splintered Light order arrived!

There was much rejoicing, opening of little jiffy bags, and drooling over gorgeous little miniatures.  And a couple of huge ones too...

So, my goodie pile looked a bit like this -

A mountain giant, greater wyvern, (both are massive models, they dwarf the fire dragon I already have) a bunch of undead stuff like zombies, ghouls, wraiths, ghosts, vampires, bolt throwers, werewolves, the Orc & Goblin and Wolf Clan armies, the Druids Children Faithful and Rebel warbands, some Splintered Lands Satyrs and Minotaurs, as well as a bunch of stuff David had kindly thrown in, in return for some DDM models I'd sent him.  The haul for them was - samples of the Dark and Wood Elf lines, which will definitely be a future purchase, a host of Splintered Lands foxes, some Goblin werewolves, a bunch of models from the Archer collection, a giant wolf, and a few other various things.

Overall, I'm ever so slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff, and I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to make a start.  I really love the Satyrs, so they are a distinct possibility as a starting point, although, I don't know whether to base them up as units, or do them individually for skirmish purposes and pick up a copy of the Splintered Lands rulebook.  I feel a rewatch of the Chronicles of Narnia coming on...

I will definitely pick more of them up, probably in the New Year, so I guess it doesn't really matter too much at the moment, and I am also planning on getting those additions to my Cave Imp force (which I really need to finish the Lizards for...) and yeah, so much stuff...  Dark Elves, Wood Elves (love the new Centaur greens) some more Undead stuff - cavalry, chariots, more infantry...

Maybe it might be easier to just pull out a bag at random and start there...


  1. Great haul! I'd start with the Faithful, but then I'm a bit biased towards my first warband. They do paint themselves though, which makes things easier.

    I'm up to Faithful, Rebels, Dwarfs, and Beastlands (Satyrs, Fauns, Minotaurs) warbands now, and have expanded the Faithful to about 50 models now with the addition of Otters, Badgers, more Badgers, Squirrels, and the Wind in the Willows guys. Some of Bob Olley's best work in my opinion.

    David's got a sale on now, so I think I might treat myself to a Goblin clan, Lizardmen and maybe some Bugbears... to round out the collection. One day I might even finish painting them all too!

    You're sending stuff to David? Are you painting for him?

  2. Oh, and I'd definitely do them individually - Song of Splintered Lands is a brilliant take on a very good mechanic.

    Pride of Lions (written by David's father) is well worth a look though if you want mass battles.

  3. Hey Dunc,

    I had a brief look at some of the info on Pride of Lions, but the base sizes put me off. The rules I'm working on just now means that all my models will be able to work for both them, and Mighty Armies.

    I have based up a Satyr and Minotaur on round bases to paint up as test pieces, so they might make the start of a SotSL Warband. The only problem round these parts is - it's GW or nowt...

    I reckon I will do the Druid's Children as individual models, as I don't really see them as a full army in my ruleset, the main issue I currently have is that the Copplestone Barbarians are a bit bigger than the SLM Fantasy stuff, although, it is an easy 'fluff' fudge.


  4. Sorry Dunc, the stuff I sent to David was Dungeons & Dragons pre-painted minis, which he'd had a post asking for on TMP. I had emailed him the pictures of the Cave Imps, and he asked if he could post them on his blog, to which I naturally said yes.

    I would, if the offer came up, have absolutely no issues with painting stuff for him.

  5. The reason I asked is because I've given up going on at him about getting painted pics up on the website. Someone on Frothers - I forget who - painted up some Faithful and they were stunning, like off the scale beautiful, better than I could manage.

    It would be nice to see Splintered Lands getting a bigger following - smashing woodland animals together is deeply silly, and my favourite of all the Songs variants.

    I have the same issue as you - round these parts it's GW or you play by yourself. I've managed to get one or two converted to the cause of 15/18mm skirmish, but it's been tricky to keep them interested.

    Nevertheless, got two games of Splintered Lands and two of Song of Arthur & Merlin yesterday. Didn't get any decent pics - but the summary report is on my blog.

    If you're ever down the opposite end of the country drop me line - gladly host you for an afternoon.

    All the best

  6. Hmmmm, I do like the bare metal pics on the site, it lets you see what you are getting, which is quite a rare thing with most 10-15mm suppliers. I'd argue that the pictures should be changed to include all the variants in each pack however. It would be nice to see my stuff in the gallery though.

    If you are interested, I would be happy to send you a rough copy of my own rule set once I have enough material typed up. I have a couple of people here who are willing to do a bit of playtesting, but, the more the merrier.

    I need to print out the books, as I hate reading pdfs, but I will try and work out some warbands based on what I already have.

    Likewise, if you ever find yourself in the land of dreich and wet, let me know.