Sunday, 30 October 2011

Spoilt for choice...

Right, well, the whole obsessive compulsion to amass huge quantities of pretty much everything is taking over.  I spend far too long looking at websites drooling over some cracking 15mm figures, and probably just as long researching more suppliers.

Ral Partha Europe has recently started reproducing the Demonworld line, which are gorgeous, and, on signing up to the site I noticed there was 10% off your first order.  I was so tempted to drop a bunch of money on a load of stuff, especially the Beastmen, but, I'm holding off to make a really big order.  I may have to speak nicely to a mate to sign up too and do a little sample order...

In my quest for 15mm goodness I found this site which has proven invaluable, if not costly to my endeavours.  So today, I cracked and put in a couple of orders to both Magister Militum and Tin Soldier UK to sample a few different things, and see some of the stuff in the flesh.  One of the things I've found is that there seems to be a large amount of suppliers that don't have any images of the minis on their site, and I'm a bit hesitant of ordering blindly.

So, the Magister Militum order consisted mainly of Blood Dawn fantasy stuff, some of the armoured Orcs and a few demony type models, plus a couple of packs of Vikings, and the Tin Soldier order was for some Aztecs, an Orc Triceratops (go figure) and a Balrog, which will hopefully fit in with the demons.

I'm still waiting for a package I shipped out to reach David at Splintered Light Miniatures before he ships out my order (Orcs, Wolf Clan, lots of Undead) so, I reckon I have a good amount of stuff to be getting on with at the moment.  She has taken the terrible trio to a birthday party, so the good camera is awol, but I'll try and get a picture of the Barbarians up soonish, before I prime them.

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