Thursday, 20 October 2011


Well, the Copplestone Castings 15mm Barbarians, or Northlanders, are absolutely gorgeous miniatures. Really. They look just like shrunk down versions of Mark's 28mm work for Foundry.

I picked up a pack of Swordmen, Axemen and the Heroes and have formed them into the basis of my first 15mm Fantasy army.

I've mixed the sword and axemen together, and added in some of the 10mm Fantasy Giant Wolves (also from Copplestone) as they fit in really well. The Giant Wolves will be used as cavalry type units, as there are currently no Northlander Cavalry available, and I also plan to mix some in with my characters. I finished off the army with some Werewolves from Splintered Light Minis, and a 28mm Werewolf from Heresy miniatures, to count as a huge wolf type giant.

The models are all cleaned up and attatched to bases, with the exception of the werewolf, who needs some putty work on his shoulder, and a certain something for his base to help anchor him/provide balance.

Pics soon.

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