Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cave Imps

OK, so, I said there would be pictures to follow. I just didn't specifically say they would be of the Barbarians...

Between work, kids, painting and so on, I managed to knock out the Cave Imp army set I'd picked up from Splintered Light Miniatures over the course of 3 or 4 days, just doing a half hour or so at a time.  They are based up for Mighty Armies, but, I've put together about 6 pages or so of rough rules for my own 15mm scale game so far, and the basing will be 100% compatible.

Of course, being that they are quite obviously Troll dolls (child of the 80's right...)I just had to paint them up with all sorts of wacky hair.  I spent a bit of time swithering between random colours on each base, before settling on the more unified colour based on rank/equipment.

First up, the Shaman stand. 

Then, both the Shaman and General

Followed by some Clubbers

The Spearmen (Spearimps?)

and finally, the Slingers.

I still have the lizard bases to finish off, mainly because I'm not decided yet on what marking I should do for them, so far they are the same colour as the Imps on the underside, with a light green back.  I'm thinking perhaps some kind of grey stripes or mottling.

In addition to finishing of the lizards, I reckon I'll add a bit more to the force.  I still have to pick up the Yeti's and Yeti Catapult, and I think I'll add some bases of Pike Imps using the long spear models, and add in some more lizards as a cavalry type unit, although, obviously without riders.

In other news, the Barbarians are pretty much ready to be primed, just a little more work on the giant Werewolf's shoulder, and the bases have all been textured to represent the frozen tundra of their homeland.

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