Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Incoming Part III

Well, orders arrived this morning from 15mm.co.uk, Tin Soldier UK and Renedra.

Haul is as follows -

15mm.co.uk - lots of Grey Aliens and Octopods, as well as some 20mm round bases.

Tin Soldier UK - variety of fantasy monsters (dragon, giant, giant spider and crocodile) random fantasy packs of Orcs and Humans, a bunch more Aztecs and a couple of terrain pieces.

Renedra - lots of 50x50mm bases and lots of 25mm round bases.

What I'm thinking is to use the Renedra bases for all my Fantasy and Historical stuff, and the 20mm round bases for Sci-Fi, because, then I can always add extra bases from GW which I have loads of anyway.

I reckon I have enough Aztecs now to do a full 40 point Mighty Armies force, probably mostly Light Infantry with Swords/Spears and Archers and Slingers.  The Eagle Knights seem to be carrying bows, so they might be Heavy Infantry with a Shooting I attack. 

As for the Northlander Barbarians, I managed to get a few bases built up over the weekend, and currently have 7 bases of Barbarians, 3 bases of Werewolves, 3 bases of Yetis and the Giant to texture and paste.

Barbarian Army so far...

Here is a 'standard' unit in my thinking, minus the command base, which is yet to be released.
A Mountain Giant from Splintered Light, he is absolutely huge, would probably do as a Giant for most 28mm models.  He will be a great centrepiece model for the army, looking forwards to tackling him.
The Giant Werewolf.  I'm going to go back and re-do the face and ears grey, as he looks far too much like a giant rat at the moment.
Close up of the Giant Wolves and Werewolves.

The Yetis - Some Monstrous Infantry to support the horde.


  1. A worthy haul indeed! That SLM Bob Olley Giant is, erm, gigantic! I've been debating whether to get a few of them - no use for them whatsoever at the moment, but that's never stopped me.

    Certainly it would make sense to order them at the same time as I buy a couple of SLM's Dragons for my 5yr old daughter to paint.

    There, that's justified that. :0)

  2. Indeed Dunc, and with the 25% off sale, it'd be foolish not to take advantage of that.

    I have some of the Caesar 1:72 plastics for my 4 and 2 year olds to get to grips with as their intro to gaming.

    I'm finding it far too easy to amass a load of 15mm stuff, I think, bar a few select purchases, I'm going to try and reign in the spending in the new year.

  3. Hi gaarew,

    Very nice project. I also thought about building up a 15mm barbarian horde with copplestone casting models, this blog gave me the final push. I hope you show more pictures of project soon.
    Good job!