Friday, 9 December 2011

Caved (bear) in...

Ok, so I caved in and ordered some of the Barbarian Command packs, some of the Shapechangers and Cave Bears, more Snow Trolls, and a pack of the 28mm Yeti's to use as Snow Troll Heroes.

I've also added a new page, which has a listing of my entire 15mm backlog, as a motivator for myself to get working on stuff.  It's a big list, so I expect progress will be slow between the various things I have to do.

Dunc, over at Dunc's Persistent Tangent has been looking over his past year in gaming, and looking to the future, and has asked for readers to share their plans for 2012.

So, here goes -

  • Stop Smoking.  Not strictly speaking gaming related, but, tennuosly, it means I will have more funds for toy soldiers...
  • Stop Spending so much on Toy Soldiers.  Kinda at an impasse with the above.  I plan on taking advantage of the Splintered Light sale before the end of the year, and, once a few more things I'm after are released, I'm going to treat myself to a huge Demonworld order, and I want to keep up to date with the Copplestone 15mm releases, but that is pretty much it, until I clear a large chunk of the backlog.  Honest.  (This doesn't apply to hobby supplies such as brushes, paints, glue, basing materials however.)
  • Pay off the Credit Card/Overdraft.  Ah, now we are getting somewhere, should be a bit easier if I can stick to the first two.
  • Clear out some of the stuff I'm never going to use, or haven't looked at for years.  Which would also help with the above.
  • Paint lots.  And lots.  Barring my commission work, I'm really going to make 15mm the focus of 2012.  It might be overly optimistic to say I want to do an army a month, so I think 6 40AP Mighty Armies forces as a minimum over the course of the year is an attainable goal. 
  • Sort out a decent lighting set-up and learn how to use the digital camera better.
  • Get my 15mm Fantasy rules to a stage where they can be put into pdf form.  
So, that's my plans for 2012.  Some easier than others, but, all attainable with the right amount of willpower and support.

I'll echo Dunc's question, and ask "What are your hobby plans for 2012?"


  1. Packing smoking... that's also on my list.

    Since my post I'm thinking about World of Twilight now - beautiful minis, although heaven knows how it plays. Fortunately it has a relatively high initial outlay, which is putting me off.

    I'm not falling into the trap of listing everything I want to achieve at the start of the year; expect less, achieve more - always a good motto in wargaming.

    I might, however, set myself a limit of £200 for the year... see how long that lasts.

  2. Dunc, Hasslefree is currently running the Christmas Bonus Time, so you can get the Twilight stuff a bit cheaper. I'm sure it's a blanket 10% off when you spend £40... Sorry ;-)

    £200 for the year? That would indeed be a challenge, I think I spend about that every month...